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Family Fare Values Statement

We are fanatical about the quality of the coffee we serve. We created a guarantee program and the ground rules are simple:


   At Family Fare customers can always get hot, fresh and delicious coffee.  It’s a Ground Rule at Family Fare.  Fresh coffee will always be available.  Another Ground Rule is that coffee is guaranteed fresh or a fresh cup will be free.

     The presentation of the coffee area is important to Family Fare.  A friendly Family Fare Sales Ambassador wearing a neat clean uniform with a tie takes pride in the coffee area to image001.pngmake sure it is clean.  Look for the coffee shop streetscape to find a delicious cup of coffee at your neighborhood Family Fare! Family Fare believes in providing a professional, clean atmosphere where our customers feel comfortable.

     Family Fare Sales Ambassadors are all educated in the techniques to brew great coffee.  Little things mean a lot at Family Fare.  Coffee is never opened until it is ready to be brewed because exposure to oxygen will make the coffee become stale.  Coffee is only held the minimum time recommended by equipment and coffee manufacturers before disposal.  The guarantee to always have fresh coffee is a commitment that is taken seriously.



     At Family Fare customers can choose from two fabulous coffee brands.  Millstone and Folgers are always available.  Millstone is made from 100% Arabica beans (only the best) and they are slow roasted to maximize flavor.  Folgers coffee is America’s best selling coffee brand.  It has a wide taste appeal.  Not too strong, not too weak.  It is just right.

     Family Fare invites you to visit any one of our 89 locations in North Carolina to enjoy a great cup of coffee.  Come in to Family Fare for the best part of waking up anytime of the day or night!  See you at the Family Fare Fine Coffee Bar soon!  Family Fare…Helping You Get There!